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Hello, welcome to my online home! This site is currently mostly about my music projects, but soon it will also feature my other passions… including the Gospel, daddy duties and gaming. I will also be featuring some of the online business development projects that I’ve worked on.


I was first drawn to the internet by the fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N, where I programmed characters and eventually tried my hand at creating my first website. Programmers and Players knew me as Sander71113, and my creations were notorious for their crazy AIs. Although I have long since abandoned the engine, it inspired me to take programming and web design more seriously, especially when my website started earning me good money through Adsense.

In addition to gaming, I enjoy listening to music, singing, playing the guitar and writing songs. Growing up with my dad who sings and plays Beatles, I was influenced to take up the guitar from a young age. I soon had formal Classical guitar training, and branched off into other styles, influenced by guitar players that include Eric Johnson, BB King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer and many more. And when YouTube came around, it was only natural for me to upload recordings of my playing and singing.

My main influence is gospel and blues – which will be heard every time the wood and strings on my guitar vibrate with music.  Below are my current main guitars:
Sander Briones

Main Gear:
‘2010 Gretsch G5120
‘1983 Fender Stratocaster (JV)
‘2013 Martin OMCPA4
Line 6 Pod HD400

I’m currently busy taking on the role of musical director at the local church that I grew up with, on top of that I am also assigned to speak monthly to the congregation – something that even in my wildest dreams I did not expect to be doing! Recently I have taken interest again in writing and recording songs, God willing, I’ll be publishing more of my music related works on this site soon, along with outtakes of the sermons I’ve written.

Online Business Development
After years of working as a manager in an office setting, I am currently a web content manager for Hitsquad, researching and contributing for their long running websites: and

In addition to gaming and music, my wife and I have teamed up to develop from scratch. It has since grown into a major online furniture dealer that successfully competes with more established brands. We are now looking to venture into Online Business Development, which aims to help small businesses achieve business growth through establishing online presence and correct practices.

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