Hello, welcome to my online home! My name is Sander Briones and this site features my music projects.

MUGEN players might know me as Sander71113, I enjoy listening to music, gaming, singing, playing the guitar and writing songs. I’m aiming to write more guitar driven music that are raw yet technical, memorable but not too familiar – all aimed at bringing glory to God.

I’m first and foremost a loyal disciple of God and then the guitar. My main influence is gospel and blues – which will be heard everytime the wood and strings on my guitar is set to vibrate with music.  I’m currently busy with our church music ministry, but I still do write songs – look out for new songs about God, love and life experiences… :)

Sander Briones

Main Gear:
’2003 Martin DCX1E
’1983 Fender Stratocaster (JV)
Line 6 Pod HD400

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